The game begins

Reno was founded in the city of Barcelona, ​​although later it moved his activity to Cerdanyola del Vallès, a city with a great hockey tradition that hosts the Cerdanyola Hockey Club – a true veteran of this sport in our country and organizer of the legendary “24 Hours of Hockey”–. In its early days it manufactured rackets, skis and wooden golf clubs, moving very soon to the production of hockey sticks.

Cerdanyola team. 1944
24 Hours of hockey in Cerdanyola
FC Barcelona team. 1948


The sticks brand

Reno quickly became the reference brand in roller hockey – “The brand of sticks” – and signed a collaboration agreement with FC Barcelona, ​​becoming its main supplier.

During all these years, FC Barcelona has used Reno’s equipment and won every imaginable title, making the Club enter the hockey history books.

Josep Vigueras as a goalkeeper
Match between Reus Deportiu and RCD Espanyol. 1950


If there’s hockey, there’s Reno

Reno expands its influence by working closely with extraordinary teams, such as the H.C. Cerdanyola, C.E. Noia Freixenet, the C.P. Vic, the H.C. Palau de Plegamans, Igualada H.C., F.C. Porto, the R.C.D. Spanish, the U.D. Oliveirense and the Spanish national team – among others –.

Europe cup final in1972 between Reus Deportiu and Novara

The brand also stands out for co-organizing the Christmas matches of the Catalan national team at the Palau Blaugrana and the OK Lliga All Star. It is precisely this desire to always be by the side of clubs and players from everywhere that allows Reno to constantly improve our products.

Europe cup final in 1973 between FC Barcelona and Benfica


Pushing Reno

Josep Vigueras, passionate player and entrepreneur, assumes the direction of Reno and promotes the brand more than ever, making his relationship with clubs and players more alive and committed, manufacturing new products related to roller hockey and paving the way towards international market.

As a player, Vigueras debuted in the highest category with Club Esportiu Laietà and then almost always played in the honor division with clubs such as Igualada Hoquei Club, Club Tenis Barcino, Real Club Deportiu Espanyol, Club Hoquei Caldes -which he also trained and with which he was proclaimed first division champion-, Sferic de Terrassa, the Cerdanyola Hockey Club and the Santa Perpètua Hockey Club. Vigueras also chaired the hockey committee of the Spanish Skating Federation in the early 1980s and mid-1990s.

Roller hockey at the 1992 Summer Olympics


At the forefront of hockey

Thanks to the support and trust of hockey players and clubs, Reno maintains its restless spirit and grows by incorporating protections for players and goalies, boots and other textiles into its product offering, and opening a new production center in Fiães (Portugal) which joins forces with that of Cerdanyola del Vallés.

Always fighters, non-conformists and passionate.

ㅤㅤㅤㅤAmerican cup in 2010 between Catalonia and Argentina